Fancy Earning some Wonger

Get out your pen and start scribbling
by Somchai


We are always looking for talented writers, or if you aren't that talented a funny story will do. It can be about any topic relevent to Thailand. It can be serious, helpful, not so helpful or just plain stupid as long as it will make people piss themselves laughing.

There are a number of websites out there that allow people to post or write articles, but they don't pay jack shit for making you do their work for them. That is where we are different. We will pay cash or transfer to your bank, real money for all your hard graft! Plus if the story is that good we will pay a bonus on top, it might be a beer or a crate of beer or even a keg of beer depending where we will steal it from. And the top prize every 3 months is a free romp with a beautiful lady or a handsome man selected by us from our staff (actually not our staff they are all ugly, but you will get someone nice, I promise.)

So, if you feel you have got what it takes to be the next hemmingway, get writing and email us at or fill in the form below.

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