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Real Help for Your Website:
by Seo Geek

You've got your website finished, and live on the internet, but wait! no traffic! What can you do? Unless you have a website with a very unique product, you are going to have to work hard at getting, traffic and customers. It does not matter if you are selling BMW's for $1 if your website is listed on page 50,000, because no one will see it. I'll take you through the proven ways, and give you real help without any hype on how to get traffic and customers.

Regardless of what other sites say, luck and also website age play a big part (sorry, can't help with those bits) with the internet search engines, of google, msn, and yahoo. Things that have proven to help and you can influence are, a good web hosting company, easy to navigate website, uniform layout on each page, quick loading, text alignment and font, xml site-map, regular content updates, quality links from similar sites, and good listings in directories.

1: WEB HOSTING - Let's begin with web hosting. Now, since this is a Thailand focused website you would think I would use a Thai hosting company. I am 100% against using web hosting in Thailand, Why? customer service in good English, internet connection problems in Thailand, false information on server uptimes, to name but a few. Go for either an established American or Uk web hosting company. It may sound strange, but they seem to get better results in the search engines. Also check out ones that have good independent customer reviews, and no extra charges. Try to find a company that allows you to have multiple websites hosted for the same price. I have found hostgator from America to offer all this and more. Check out the customer reviews here and see what they say. Web Hosting Info!

2: EASY TO NAVIGATE WEBSITE - What is an easy to navigate website? Usually, it a site that customers can get to the information or products they want within two clicks of the main page. Ask yourself, can you find what you want on your site easily?

3: PAGE LAYOUT, COLOURS AND FONT - Another important thing is page layout, does each page have the same layout style, menu the same? colours the same? If not, some customers will become confused. Layout and design should be consistant throughout the site with navigation in the same positions on each page.

Typefaces and fonts should be the same throughout. If you use bold page titles do so on every page. The text should be easy to read and not strain the eye. Read a few of your own pages. Make the text easy to read, by keeping it aligned left, not centred, and not too small. All capitalized text is like shouting and believe it or not, it is harder to read than lower case text. Stick to simple colours and not fancy fonts. A black text on a white background is easier to read than white text on a dark background.

4: QUICK LOADING SITE - A quick download is crucial. Try to avoid using the latest cool animated effects as many users are slow to accept new developments. Just because users have broadband it does not mean they will wait for large image files or animations to load, they just click on the next web site and are lost forever. Do your best to keep the programming code lean by hand editing out unnecessary code and optimise images for speedier loading. You can use some imaging compression software such as to do this.

5: FRESH CONTENT - Regular updates or additions to your site are a must. Most topics or website evolve over time, or there are new developments, so add it!. Good quality fresh content is what both visitors and the search engines are looking for.

6: LINKING - Building links with other websites is very time consuming, but a very very important aspect of web seo promotion. There are plenty of benefits you can reap out of an effective link exchange program. It applies to all businesses who spend money on online advertising in any industry.

Link popularity is the ultimate parameter in achieving supreme exposure on the web for your web site.Basically link popularity is measured by the number and quality of the inbound links to your site. Inbound links help to attain high search engine rankings for your web site, while in many cases producing a traffic stream to your site from visitors clicking through on the links themselves. But your goal will remain a distant dream unless you implement an intelligent link exchange strategy.

Quality should not be sacrificed at the cost of quantity. It pays great dividends to spend time trying to exchange links with high quality sites and these should be websites that are complementary to your business. If your budget allows, paid links from high quality sites are nearly always worth the cost.

Increased and Targeted Traffic: Effective link exchange can attract larger, quality and targeted traffic to your web site. The link exchange process helps you establish innumerable fruitful partners with other relevant web sites. Thus, you can win more quality and targeted visitors from your link partners. According to a June 2003 Forrester Research survey report, '59% of Internet consumers find web sites through links from another site'.

Enhanced Visibility: Targeted traffic and supreme search engine positioning strengthen the visibility of your web site. An efficient link exchange process can create awareness among web visitors about your web site. A strong web presence is the key for survival on the internet, especially when the cost and competition on popular pay per click platforms such as Google Adwords and Overture are continuously rising, and only represent a fraction of potential customers.

The more you increase the link popularity of your web site, the prospect of staying higher in the search engine results for a longer period of time becomes a reality.

Cost-effective Promotion : If you want to promote your web site on a limited budget, link exchange is the best option. Link exchange can save a lot of money that you otherwise would have spent on other means of on and offline advertising.

TIPS FOR GOOD LINK EXCHANGE: To get incoming links to your site, you must write to webmasters and ask for reciprocal links. However, after writing hundreds of those link request messages, you start to notice that you've never received a positive response.

Why is this so and what can you do to optimize your linking campaign? Just take a look at successful linking campaigns. They all have several strategies in common:

  1. Before asking someone to place a link to your web site, link to that person first. If you give potential link partners something in advance, they're much more likely to link back.

  2. Tell potential link partners in your link request messages where they can find the reciprocal link to their site.

  3. Your link directory pages should be easy to find on your site. Don't bury reciprocal links deep in your site but give them a prominent listing.

    If people cannot find your link directory when they surf your web site, a link in your link directory won't mean much to potential link partners so they won't link back to you.

    Contrary to popular belief, you won't lose visitors by a good link directory. If your link directory is worthwhile to your visitors, they'll come back to your site.

    If you're still not convinced, you can also open the links to your link partners in an extra window so that your site remains opened.

  4. Make sure that your link pages look good. It's very important that your link directory pages have a nice design and appeal to the eye of your visitor.

    If your link partners see a link to their web site on an attractive web page, they'll give that link a higher value than a link from a generic page.

  5. Offer your link partners an incentive to link back to you. For example, you could move web sites that link back to you to the top of your link pages and mark them with a special "Recommended!" picture.

  6. Be polite and personal in your link request email messages. If there's a single important factor to the success of your link request messages, then this is it: don't make your email messages look like spam.

    It's crucial that your link request message contains personal words about the site of your link partner. Add 2-3 sentences about unique things of the potential link partner's web site. Then they'll be sure that you've actually visited their site.

    This is the reason why mass email messages don't work when requesting link request messages.

  7. Include full contact information and a phone number in your link request messages. It adds a personal touch to your emails and it lets webmasters easily contact you to discuss the link partnership.

    Example of a Link Exchange Letter

    Hello my name is John Smith. I am seeking out possible link partners that our visitors would be interesting in visiting. I've found your website (name) to be a very good fit for our visitors. I have already gone ahead and added your link to our website at:

    I am contacting you to see if it is ok to have done so. Also, I would like to ask if you mind linking back to us? If so, please use the linking details below and if you have time could you send me the location of our link on your website.

    Here are our linking details:
    Title: (This is the keyword we want to target)
    Description: Description here...

    I hope this can be a way for us to benefit our visitors with excellent content.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    John Smith

    Also, if you have any questions or need anything feel free to contact me at your email address

    I'm a real person, not a link request bot :) :)

7: WEB DIRECTORIES - This is a website which contains a database of other websites listed, usually, by category. Web directories vary significantly from search engines in how they rank websites, so it's important to understand their differences if you're going to make your website truly successful. Check out our article on Web Directories.

8: OFF PAGE IDEAS: This is a topic which is seldom talked about, but I regard it as an essental part of successful website promotion. As I said at the very begining of this page, you won't sell anything if your website is on page 50,000, however with direct advertising, visitors go directly to your site, and avoid the search engines. Think back 10 years or so, people only used direct marketing (newpapers, magazines etc) and shunned the internet. Now this works to your advantage, imagine that you have a site selling car radios, but you are nowhere to be seen in the search engine results. You could place a nice advert in a popular car magazine with it clearly showing your website, and hey presto tons of quality targeted traffic. The adverts may seem costly when compared to internet marketing, but the return is much better.

9: XML SITE MAP - Good news. The 3 main search engines of Google, Yahoo, and Msn have agreed on a universal format for making a sitemap. You can produce this free by using one of the many tools out there. I used ........ for my site. Once you have your code place it onto a page on your site and call the page sitemap.xml. Next you need to open a google, yahoo, and msn account to submit your site map to. It's free and each one will take about 5 minutes. The benefits of this, are that the search engines can find all your web pages more easily, and then hopefully list them on the internet.


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