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Best website hosting companies:
by Seo Geek

Choosing a web-hosting company is one of the most important decisions you will make, and making the correct choice now, will pay dividends in the future. It is well worth spending some time spent researching what companies are out there, what deals they offer, what is included and what other customers have said about them.

Cheap is not always best! The hosts that offer hosting for 3-4 dollars a month often use old servers, have a very bad uptime, a low connection speed (this can affect search engine crawlers) charge you a set up fee, and also for any add on service including email accounts. It is a good idea to check if they have 24 hour support via telephone or a live agent. A live agent is great for helping with many of the small problems that you may encounter and 90% can be resolved online there and then.

Try to find a host that is US or UK based, as this is better for communication, customer service, and billing issues. I really don't recommend a country where English is not the first language. Thailand has a number of hosts and a first glance look good, but again they are generally small companies that don't offer the backup support needed. It has also been mentioned by some web-masters that google gives greater presedence to those sites hosted in the US.



What is included in the package is very important. Below are some of the key things to look out for.


Free Scripts: At some stage you might want to install a script such as a chat room or blog, some of the better hosting companies offer free scripts with instant install, which saves you time and makes life a lot easier.

Adding More Sites: Another thing to look at is adding another website or domain in the future. You might begin to have other ideas for new websites or a friend might want you to host their site. Will the hosting company let you add sites and host them without an additional charge. Very few offer this service.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth usage and disc space is now almost the same for most hosting companies, and unless you have a massive site with millions of visitors you shouldn't have to worry too much about that.

Billing: Look for hosts that offer free set up and monthly billing, this helps when you are budgeting from month to month. Is there a cancellation charge or a fixed contract term, and do they offer a money back guarantee.

Site Backup: An instant site backup service is a plus rather than every 24 hours, especially if you have just uploaded new pages or done a large update.

Support: Do they offer 24 hours support via telephone and a live agent. A hosting company that offers just email support is not what you want.

Stats: These are very important, when it comes to finding out who visits your site, what they country come from, who referred them, how long they stayed on your site, what pages they visited.

Usability: This is very important, especially if you are no computer brain surgeon like me. See if they have a control panel you can try out. Test them by chatting to them via live chat, and see how quickly they answer your questions.

My own personal favourite and the company I use for this site and others is Hostgator, a US based company. They offer all the important things needed for great hosting and seem to offer a lot more than all the others. Below are some of the customer reviews, let me know if you have a review, good or bad and I will publish it, although I have yet to see a bad review on the internet about them, go ahead and do a search yourself.

Hostgator Customers' reviews

Review by Keith Burgess: The customer service at Hostgator really stands out. Compared to what I have experienced elsewhere, they are absolutely outstanding.

Review by Steve Kemplin: I love hostgator customer service support. They are friendly and professional, reply in just minutes and in great detail.

Review by Alan Welsh: I can honestly say that they are excellent indeed. I needed to move my accounts from my old web host and they helped me a lot. Customer support is great as well, quick, professional and polite. I recommend to everyone!

Review by Jordan Baker: I have 3 domains hosted with for 10 months and I have never heard any complaints about unscheduled downtimes. Their support staff is quick and really helpful. They are not the cheapest but they offer the best value. Good luck!

Review by Chuck: I had gemstream many years loved them, but hostgator has more extras and cheaper price. But most important support is slow at gemstream go with the hostgator they are fast.




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