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by Perverted


If you live in Thailand or have spent a fair amount of time here, you will know what I am talking about, when I say there is nothing like the Thai female. Many people ask me what do I think about Thai ladies and I always say it's their "femininity". Yes of course in every country there are beautiful sexy ladies, but here in Thailand and luckly for me the numbers are simply staggering.

It's not just that they are beautiful, it's the whole package. They look like, and behave how a woman should. Some of the key attributes are, shaply body, nice make-up, clean, not smoking, overall behaviour, and be smaller than the man, which often is not the case with western women.

Just take a look around Sukumvit or Silom and look at the foreign woman. They come in all shapes and sizes, but BIG seems to be the in word. There are some giants out there. Without being a dirty old man, take a trip to one of the local universities and just take a look, I am sure if you thought some of the bar girls were nice, these Thai students in the prime of their life ill get your heart racing. Overall when it comes to physical comparisons, the Thai's win easily, but mental comparisons, and the way their brain works is a total different matter. Which I will try to cover in another section when I can figure it out.

In view of the above, I have gathered from the far reaches on Thailand, a collection of ladies photos that pay homage to the Thai female. I therefore dedicate these pages to them. Sorry if you was expecting sex and sleeze, you might find that in another section.

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Nong Nat or Natt Chanapa to some is one of Thailand's biggest porn stars.

A student who got a telling off from her school and belive it or not

the Thai government for wearing a sexy dress to the Thai oscars.

A selection of Thai models and movie stars.

I will try to group them by their names a bit later.





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