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by Somcahi


Over the past 10 years or so, the movie theatres of Bangkok have been transformed from grotty shit holes, to what I would say are some of the finest cinemas in the world. The main cinema chains are Major Cineplex, EGV, and ....throughout Bangkok with a total of about 25 branches. Normally part of a Mall, they offer great comfort at a fantastic price, currently 120 baht per show. Before you start panicing, international films are shown with the original soundtrack, but with Thai subtitles.


Another advantage of being in Thailand is that many of the big international blockbuster movies are shown here, before they are released in the west. My favourite places to watch a movie are the VIP seats at MBK, there are about 50 seats, each big enough for us fat arsed farangs, and the very new Siam Paragon.

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