Going Home to a Minger

Is it Time to go Home?
by Somchai


You've been in Thailand for a number of years. Now what? Decision time is approaching. The rules and regulations about staying and working in Thailand have changed. Instead of clearing up the red tape and making it easier, for businesses, and schools to employ foreigners, the powers at be have taken a giant leap backwards.

If we start with the teaching aspect first, as this is by far the biggest employer of foreigners. About 70% of the teachers who work in Thailand, are working illigeally, but it doesn't need to be this way. Teachers don't want to keep looking behind their backs waiting for the school to be raided, they want to be legal, pay taxes, avoid the pleasures of the visa run.

Another contributing factor is that many of the independant language schools, don't have the correct paperwork or licencing. So instead of simplifying things or helping, all they have done is create one big mess, which has now left the teaching industry in termoil. Currently there is a massive shortage of teachers, with more leaving daily, this will set Thailand back at least ten years. The economy is retracting, bars are closing, property values are dropping.

So we have to ask, IS THIS THE TIME TO GO HOME OR MOVE ON? What are the options available to you. Do you return home to the loving arms of a beautiful lady? (see above) or does another country offer something new and exciting?

1: Why and when did you come to Thailand in the first place?

2: Are you happy here, or do you plan to leave?

3: Where do you want to go, and why?

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