Thai Logic

They are no Mr Spock
by Captain Kirk


Don't get me wrong, I love Thailand and many of it's people, but some things just irritate the hell out of me and leave me standing in disbelief or just really pissed off. I class myself as a broad minded person and respectful of other cultures and their way of life, but Thailand gets me beat sometimes. Thai's are a reactionary people rather than preventative, ie: you can stop your car breaking down by getting it serviced, rather than driving it until the car has had enough, but Thai's just don't see it that way. Many problems or difficult situations can be solved or avoided by a little fore thought.

To put this into perspective, many of my friends arrange to meet at an agreed time, say 7pm. So logic would dictate that you get ready in advance, THE THREE S's as I put it, SHIT, SHOWER AND SHAVE, you do this at a time that would allow you to meet your friends at the right time, allowing for the famous Bangkok traffic. You arrive at the place just before 7pm and as you wait in the sweaty heat of the night you get a phone call saying sorry I will be there at 9.00pm, ARGGG! You now have a lot of time to kill or waste. This could of been so easily avoided, if you know you are going to be late, telephone beforehand, not at the meeting time, five or ten minutes late is ok, but two bloody hours.

Travelling around Bangkok, you will often see a pick-up truck with upwards of 20 people packed in like sardines. Now many people would see that this poses a risk, but not the Thai's, as you see this overloaded veichal hurtling down the road at a 100km plus. You can read about them in the newspaper the next day as for some very UNKNOWN reason the truck has overturned killing everyone onboard, and check out the blank looks on the policemans faces, as they try to figure out what happened DUH!

If you ever watch the Thai news reports when they are featuring a murder and they show the body or where it was found. The Thai police have followed correct procedure by cordering off the area around the murder scene, but rather than making a larger enough area, it's just big enough to fit a couple of people, which leaves the immediate area contanimated by everyone and his buffalo. This can be seen when you watch the news reports and look at all the smiley people walking around the crime scene. Forensics in Thailand has got to be the biggest joke ever.

Once last thing before I sign off. Many Thai people who decide to open a business, do so with no idea of controlling costs or what it takes to run a business. They think that opening it anywhere will make it a success, and the ones that do get business often go out of business, because of lack of budget control. Part of Thai culture is to live for today rather than think of the future, ie: spend the days takings rather than buy stock for tomorrow, and making your business more successful. I suppose a happy compromise, would be spend a little, save a little, invest a little.

As I said before there are many many examples of the lack of Thai logic, but at the end of the day I still love the Thai's. Life seems so simple to them.

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