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Ladyboy heaven awaits you
by KY


You've all heard about Thai ladyboys, and those who stay in Thailand know what they are about. But this article is for the shy, curious, ignorant, and those who like to experiment with the workings of a leather starfish. Regardless of whatever you think of my ladyboy lover on the left here, many Thai ladyboys are absoulute babes. You cannot compare them in any way shape or form with a transvestite from your own country.

Just what is a ladyboy? Thailand is famous for them, and any visitor to Thailand will at some stage during their trip, come across these unusual people who are half lady half boy. They work in spas and behind shop counters. Some hotels employ them as receptionists, others are found waitressing or managing in restaurants. And many are also found in the bar scene, prostituting themselves.

Huh! Prostituting themselves? Yes, you read right, they go home with clients – what they get up to, with their ‘half-half’ tackle is a mystery – but there’s enough of them about to suggest that many punters find these ladyboys curious and titillating enough to hire them for the night. Only in Thailand.

In fact, Thai ladyboys are among the most attractive ‘ladies’ you will see. They certainly take care of themselves and are often so convincing, with their big busts, sexy swagger and perfectly made-up faces that you wouldn’t know the difference. Actually many a sex tourist has been duped by these ‘hermaphrodites’. If it happens to you don’t be mad or embarrassed.

Ladyboys are numerous in Thailand and widely accepted as part of the modern culture. It hasn’t always been like this, but Thailand does have a long history of acceptance and some men wanting to be taken for women. Also, many Thai males are slight in stature and look feminine – their facial features are attractive and graceful and their bodies hairless and smaller boned.



In recent decades sophisticated surgery has made it possible for men to become women through plastic surgery to create breasts, as well as changing sex organs. A lifetime prescription of hormones helps keep the testosterone out of their body. Bangkok surgeons have become world famous for performing sex changes or simple cosmetic surgery operations and they are much cheaper. But the reality is, most ladyboys can only afford the breast operation (about 1000 euros) while the organ change costs about 3 times that. Therefore most ladybodys are ‘transvestites’ (ie; dressed as women) rather than ‘transsexuals’ (ie complete sex organ change). In short, they have breasts and a cock – a she-male.

So, if you met a complete lady (who was a boy) you could have penetrative sex with her, but mostly you will meet a ladyboy – who is more likely to offer you a blowjob. Some men with bi-sexual preferences have gone the ‘whole-hog’ with a ladyboy, but if they are on hormone suppressants they probably won’t even get an erection.

Ladyboys are just regular people desperate to be accepted, and when you meet them there’s no need to avoid them. They try extra hard to be women, and often are the most beautiful of all the women in the room. They’re also desperate for the ultimate object that makes them feel like a real women – and that is: a boyfriend. Don’t be surprised if every ladyboy you ever meet flirts with you.

Since ladyboys are still boys at heart you can expect them to be more forward than girls (especially in bars and discos – where a women smiling aggressively at you is likely to be a ladyboy). They can also be very masculine when angered, and have a reputation for being violent or pushy in a manner you wouldn’t expect from a lady.

Ladyboys are very proactive in getting themselves ‘sorted’. One of the country’s most famous ladyboys is Nong Toom, who went from champion Thai kickboxer to transsexual – documented in the movie Beautiful Boxer where his/her trademark was to kiss her defeated opponents on the forehead. Another movie, Saitree Lex, was made about the true story of a ladyboy volleyball team that won the national championships against the odds – dressed in drag no less!

So, how do you spot a ladyboy? Sometimes it’s very difficult and you can easily be deceived. Firstly, there are go go bars that are all ladyboys. Generally they don’t mix with the regular girl bars. Many of them freelance on street corners (they prostitute to raise money to payback the ‘tit’ surgery). They are also the most forward in the discos. If their voice doesn’t give them away, then look for suspiciously thin hips or large feet. But ultimately, it is those with the most perfect breasts (generally Thai Asian women have small boobs), or most exaggerated lady movements that are ladyboys. Good luck!

How to Spot a Ladyboy

Let’s start at the bottom (no pun intended – the feet. No matter how pretty the face, or how perfect the body looks, if she/he’s got trotters like a Neanderthal give it a wide berth. Look at the way she/he walks. Many katoeys overdo it on the sexy walk. Their steps are too much catwalk-style - sliding bums, wiggling hips and one foot in front of the other.

Check the shoulders in relation to the hips. Most men have wider shoulders than their hips, whereas women are more in proportion. It wasn’t too long ago that the best way to spot a ladyboy was to look for the Adam’s apple, but there’s now a surgical procedure to remove it. This is still a good giveaway with most - that’s if he keeps his chin up (which he won’t when he’s giving you that smouldering pick-me look).

If you’re already in your room, under the covers, and you put your hand down to her/his pussy and she/he stops you. This is not a good sign. Most transsexuals who have had the op have quite a complex about their new genitals and will think them less than perfect. The last thing they want is somebody probing away down there. They’ll more than likely want to suck you, and then just slip it straight in. Some men find out when it’s too late, after they’ve fallen in love, but once they’ve got their heads round it they’re fine. Some never discover the truth, and live happily ever after.

My TGF has a ladyboy friend in Pattaya whose had every operation conceivable and looks quite stunning. Her rich judge boyfriend from Brunei has bought her a car and a house, now the guy’s getting serious – he wants to have kids! Not sure that ones got “happy ever after” written all over it.

Thai men are generally not the hairiest race on the planet, neither are they the largest, so even if they don’t go through all the operations, it’s still not too difficult for them to disguise their true genders.

A lot of them sellotape their cocks under their scrotums so they can get away wearing tight miniskirts or Lycra trousers. They then tell farang they’re real dirty girls and only like it up the arse. If she/he looks good, and you’ve got no inkling whatsoever, tempting isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s me handing out all these tips. katoeys could be your sole reason for being in Pattaya. Apparently many of them make more cash than the average true lady bargirl, so somebody enjoys what they can offer. I guess it’s the old home park advantage – if they were once men they know exactly what turns us on.

Q: Ever had a near miss with a ladyboy?

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A close call

Most people around the globe enjoy spending their vacation down here in Pattaya. Beautiful beaches, crazy night life and girls all over you. What more would a guy want! My first time in Pattaya was when I was 25 years old now I’m 35. There has been a drastic change in Pattaya from the past 10 years. But my first day in Pattaya is still fresh in my mind. I can never forget such a horrifying incident that happened to me during my time there.

I had come down to Thailand with some of my friends from France. We heard a lot of stories about Pattaya girls, bars and the famous bizarre shows performed by bar girls. No need to reconsider, we decided that we cannot missed out Pattaya in our Thailand trip.

We left Bangkok in a bus from Ekkamai station at 9:30 in the morning. We reached Pattaya by 12 noon, took us a little over 2 hours. Hopped in a “Song Taew” and headed for Montien hotel in central Pattaya. During this time, nothing exciting caught our eyes yet. It felt a bit like Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok with lesser people. All we were waiting for was for the night to begin.

After much of resting, we were ready for some nightlife adventure. We headed for Walking Street in south Pattaya. Girls were loaded on Walking Street with their tiniest of clothes. I have never seen something like this before girls yelling for you and coming forward to pull you towards them.

I’m an average looking guy that never really got this much attention in France but in Thailand I am pretty hot. At first I found it a little embarrassing but then slowly I started enjoying it. It felt good, who doesn’t like girls all over them!

Finally, we sat in a pinkish neon light bar and started drinking that’s where I noticed someone looking at me from the corner of her eye. My god! I was stunned to see her. She was about 5’10 which was quite tall, compare to other girls. She could have been a model. She was a beauty and I wondered to myself “may be I’ll get lucky”.

She was sitting 2 tables away from us with a bunch of bar girls. One of my friend saw me noticing her and pushed me to go forward and speak to her. I didn’t have the guts to so he accompanied me to their table.

When we reached their table they screamed with joy and greeted us with the strangest tone ever “Hello, handsome guy”. I guess! Getting excited when approached by a guy is normal among bar girls. We joined them and bought them drinks.

I really liked the girl called “May”. To me she was the cutest girl at the table. She smiled every time we made eye contact. I never got the chance to speak to “May” because there was this other girl that I don’t remember her name but she was all over me.

I didn’t mind much so I tried speaking to this girl, I thought my English was bad but her English was worse. Half the time we don’t understand each other, but nevertheless it was pleasant. When the bar was about to close, the 2 girls talked, and from the way I looked at “May” I guess my intention was clear that I wanted “May” and not her.

The other girl I was with came back to me and said that “May” would like to spend a night with me, Actually this is how I wanted the night to end so I agreed happily. This was not free though but I was all prepared.

“May” and I headed back to the hotel. As soon as we got inside the room, she made a move on me without hesitation. After a while she whispered something in my ear. I never really understood what she said but for a moment I thought her voice was weird. It was too heavy to be a girl’s voice.

I took a better look at her again and realized that the person I was holding in my arms is actually a lady boy. This explained her aggressive approach. I quickly stepped back and asked her confirmed this with her. Although she had been through a sex change operation, I didn’t care. I told her to leave the room right away.

After that, I took nearly 2 hours brushing my teeth in the shower. On the next day this became a joke among my friends. But after this incident I have been a regular visitor to Pattaya, and now I’m sure that I’m not going to make the same mistake again.



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