Being Invisible

Are you Blind?
by Somchai


Go get me wrong I love Thailand and many of the Thai people, but the one thing that does piss me off and get the blood boiling is rude people. Every country has it's own style and customs, but Thailand seems to a law unto itself.

I never forget about 5 years ago I was at the Bts Thong Lor queing to buy a ticket from the machine. It wasn't a busy time of day with just one person in front of me, I had my money in my hand ready to pay (unlike the thais, who get their purse and then their money out when they in front of the machine) Just as the person infront had bought his ticket, and as I was stepping forward, a 40's well dressed lady came out of nowhere and put her money in the machine. For a few seconds I stood there stunned in disbelief, asking myself 1. Where did she come from? 2. How did she manage to get in front of me? 3. What a fucking bitch!


I waited for her to finish and then quickly bought my ticket so I could follow her up the escalator. I really didn't have a plan as to what I was going to do or say, but was trying desperatly to think of any Thai foul language. My Thai at that point wasn't the greatest and all I could muster up was something which sounds like EEE DOG which translates as YOU BITCH. I launched into a mixture of crap Thai and foul English. The look of her face was one of sheer horror, and by the time we had reached the top of the escalator I had run out of steam. We exchanged dirty looks on the train before she moved to another carriage. Since then it has happened twice more, once with buying an ice-cream and a few weeks ago in Macdonalds. I have seen this happen day in and day out and Thai people seem to just accept it. Have you ever been in 7-11 and waiting to be served, when someone comes in and shouts across the queue of people for some cigarettes, and nobody says anything. I have asked many of my Thai friends about this, and still can't get an answer. My own views are that many Thais have tunnel vision, just look at them riding a motorcycle, driving or even walking, their eyes just focus on one point and they don't look at anything around them when riding, driving or walking.

If you do find yourself in a position where you need to say something to someone about pushing in, here a few words that should do the trick. I have written them as you would say them.


Q: Been pushed aside? What did you do?

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