I want a full English breakfast please

My mouth is just watering as I write this
by Somchai


For me there is nothing quite like a full English breakfast. The only place that seems to approach the taste are some of the English style bars, and restaurants in Pattaya.

If you are coming to Bangkok, and expecting to start the day with a great big he-man breakfast of fried tomatoes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, baked beans, toast, etc, etc all fighting for space on an oversized plate, then oh brother, are you gonna be disappointed. Breakfast is one of the great letdowns of life in the city, and I know several farangs who cook their own fry-up breakfasts just to get a little taste of what Mom used to make. Many restaurants and hotels offer what Thais call an American breakfast. This usually consists of a couple of fried eggs that still look at the fetus stage, a pathetic sliver of cold ham, two rashers of bacon burned to a crisp, and two slices of ‘toast’ that have been waved at the grill as purely a token gesture. Arrange on plate, and charge 70 baht upwards – voila.

Thais don’t eat that stuff anyway. Their favorite breakfast nosh is either ‘joke’, a watery rice porridge with an egg yoke floating on top, or ‘pathong-ko’, a cholesterol-packed fried donut type thing that literally oozes oil from every crevice and then some. Right, so how much is that American breakfast again?

Q: Where's the best place for an English breakfast please please?

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