Bar Girls Inside Out

Meet a bar girl and come away intact
by Bangkok Mouth


Getting involved with a Thai bar-girl romantically and sexually is a very dangerous thing to do, but getting involved emotionally is just about the worst thing you could ever do.

I could fill this web-site 100 times over with stories of foreign friends or acquaintances that have fallen foul of these scheming, manipulating liars, and that’s exactly what they are. I make no bones about it.

For every farang-bar-girl relationship that is successful, there are 10 that end in heartbreak. Bar-girls just don’t live in the real world, and no matter how much you think she loves or cares for you, her driving force is money – plain and simple. There are no exceptions.

Many of the girls are from rural areas of grinding poverty, very often turfed out by their own families to go and seek their fortune in the big bad city, and while many of them will initially take up routine factory jobs, it’s only a matter of time before they realise that working the bars and lying on their backs for a living is far more lucrative.

Many of the girls have tales to tell of broken marriages, or perhaps a Thai husband who liked to play the field a bit too often, and one day she decided enough was enough. There are often children involved as well, being looked after by mother and father while their real mother dances under the neon lights on a Patpong stage. Many girls will still be supporting a Thai husband or boyfriend in Bangkok, something that will be kept a great secret from any foreign boyfriend.

The bar-girls are famous for being economical with the truth. Although they often claim to be sending money home to parents who are too ‘old and frail’ to work, if you care to delve deeper you will find that the parents are still in their 40’s, and are simply bone idle. That coupled with the fact that father probably has a chronic drinking problem.

To quote Dr Yos Santosombat of Thammasat University “any foreigner who thinks they can just come here and have a good time in Thailand’s sex industry and walk away without any emotional scars, is in way over their head”. Indeed, you do have to ask yourself if you are ready to get involved in such a roller-coaster relationship, because a Bangkok bar-girl will chew you up and spit out the pips if you are the slightest bit vulnerable. Seen it happen many times.

I’m personally a great observer of people, and the farang - bar-girl couple always make a fascinating study. You see them on the sky-train, in department stores, along Sukhumwit Rd. You can spot them a mile off. Bar-girls give off a certain aura. Apart from the obvious darker skin, and tartier clothes, they don’t know how to behave themselves in public. Certainly not in the way that would conform to the Thai norm. You know what they are just from the vocabulary they use and their very body language.

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