Andrew Biggs shows you looks are not everything.

You just want to punch him. Sorry Andrew, just jealous.
by Somchai


I am not a great lover on Andrew Biggs, mainly because of the over the top way he speaks Thai. However my lowly opinion hasn't held him back. He is proberbly the most well known farang in Thailand. With that shiny egg and sticky out ears looking at you from every book shop, newspaper you look at, he is a little difficult to avoid.



For those not familiar with the man, he’s the editor of the Nation Junior student magazine, a game show host and presenter on Thai TV, and in my local supermarket just the other week, I noticed that he’s even advertising bloody yogurts! On top of all this, he’s even found time to write several books about his experiences living in Thailand.

I’m sure Andrew will forgive me when I say that even though he’s quite possibly the most famous farang face in Bangkok, he is certainly not the most handsome. Then again, if the bugger had the looks of Mel Gibson, he’d probably be running for Prime Minister, so we should be perhaps grateful for small mercies. I will admit that his spoken Thai is very good, but I know quite a number of farangs who speak it just as well. Andrew I think is the classic case of the man that the Thais have taken to their heart, and are determined to get their pound of marketable flesh out of him.

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